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The relationship between the Homeopath and the patient is a very interesting one - it is very personal, despite being professional. Every person has a different story, and every story tells how you have become who you are today, however you are today. Using clear methodology and a detailed timeline, you can see very clearly what sort of changes your energy has undergone and why, and which direction to take on your journey to feeling whole again.  The homeopathic conversation ranges over all aspects of your life - your history, your physical health, your mental / emotional health.  Guided by your needs and my understanding of the homeopathic process, the focus of each meeting will bring forward what needs to be addressed now, and in the future.

The Homeopathic Process

How Homeopathy Can Help You


Having Homeopathic support could mean not just an improvement, but a complete transformation of your health and wellbeing.  Even things that happened far back in your childhood, which began a change in your life, can be addressed – our remedies are powerful but kind, and they stimulate your energy to heal itself and to make you feel whole and well and strong.

The Consultation

Your first consultation will last about 90 minutes, in which we will talk about your presenting complaint (what you came for) and the range of influences that have brought you to this point.


The consultation is directed by me, but is a fluid discussion between us both, and you can talk about whatever you need to.  Depending on what comes up most 'loudly' in the consultation, I will tailor your remedies to match.


We will put together a timeline, which is a history of your own life, and a family history, which charts your family and its health tendencies.


After this, I will discuss with you your healing programme and what approach I'd like to take.  I will work on your remedies and post them to you after a couple of days, with clear instructions about how often to take them.




A wonderful remedy for shock in all its horrible forms.  Characterised by restlesness and fear of death.  Extremely useful after attacks, bad news and car accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are ‘remedies’ made from?


Homeopaths use remedies made from all sorts of substances which are ‘potentised’ (made into homeopathic dilution).  They can be made from plants, rocks, elements like gold, salt and jewels.  There are over 3000 remedies which all have their own pictures.  Many homeopaths use remedies which have been made traditionally, by diluting the substance and ‘succussing’ it (banging it), but a lot of homeopaths, myself included, use remedy machines, which replicate the frequency of the substance instead.  Both types of remedies are extremely effective.


How often do I take them?


That depends on what is being addressed.  I often prescribe weekly, or daily, or twice daily, but as every person who comes for homeopathy is an individual with individual responses, your remedies will be tailored specifically for you.


How often do I need to come for consultations?


Again, that depends on how long you have had your condition or how severe it is.  Usually I like to see people at least four times, once a month, then we can decide on a future course of action.  Of course, everyone is different, so it depends!


Is it true that you have to get worse before you can get better?


Not in my opinion!  It’s very rare that people have ‘aggravations’ (that getting worse thing).  I think that if you feel things more intensely or find yourself noticing things more, it is because the remedies have stimulated your vital force to begin the healing process, and your body’s attention has been directed towards the issue you need to heal.  Once you have dealt with it, you no longer notice it.


I’m a very complicated case, do you think you can help?


Try me and see.  You may think that it’s a lot of money but you are investing in your own health and future and that is definitely not wasted money!


Some people say that homeopathy is just a placebo.  Is that right?


Absolutely not.  I think the people who say that do not understand how powerful it is and can’t get their heads around energy medicine so they dismiss it as placebo.  It is a very wonderful, very gentle, very powerful method of healing that is in no way bland and ineffectual.  Come and try it – you can make up your own mind!


Although every client is unique and presents with their own special collection of symptoms, I offer support for the following specifics too:


•    Stress management

•    Bereavement

•    Depression and Anxiety

•    Phobia treatments

•    Chronic illness

•    Alopecia

•    All childhood conditions including childhood diseases

•    Headaches

•    Hypertension

•    Gut disorders

•    Joint disorders

•    Injuries, and post-injury repair

•    Fertility issues, pregnancy & childbirth

•    Menstrual Problems

•    Skin disorders

•    Auto-immune problems

•    Acute diseases such as flu, gastro-enteritis, sinusitis, food poisoning etc.

•    Incontinence

•    Learning and behaviour issues

•    Life-changing events

•    Sleep disorders

•    And many more…

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